I help studio owners and instructors go from underbooked, chaotic, and stressed to automated, waitlisted, and calm. Sound good? Let's get started.

I help studio owners and instructors go from underbooked, chaotic, and stressed to automated, waitlisted, and calm. Sound good? Let's get started.

You deserve access to the same expert marketing advice that the big guys have. I take what i spent years learning at lululemon and soulcycle, and bring it to you. 

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This is my signature process that has helped clients reach record revenue months, higher utilized classes than they ever thought possible, all while spending little to no budget on marketing. I take my 11 years in the health & wellness industry and teach you literally everything I've learned along the way - and then some.

"Alexa's powerful coaching has empowered me to create and design the business of my dreams. The immeasurable amount of information and guidance I received from her Group Marketing Course has given me the confidence to accomplish my goals and change lives in an extraordinary way. Alexa's leadership and encouragement has reaffirmed my own belief in building a fitness business that will be profitable and make meaningful change." 

- sorinel morel

I get it - even just saying the word "marketing" feels overwhelming. Am I referring to digital marketing? Events? Facebook Ads? Local press?

Chances are, if you're a small business owner, your days are full of spreadsheets, accounting, providing the actual service, and putting out fires in-between. 

Having time to write your weekly newsletter, stick to your content plan for social, and launch that referral campaign feels like a (very) distant dream, despite the fact that you know it's necessary for growth.  

Marketing shouldn't feel like throwing spaghetti at the wall, waiting for something to stick.

Spoiler alert:

Does the idea of sitting down to finally tackle your marketing strategy feel overwhelming?

Does the idea of sitting down to finally tackle your marketing strategy feel overwhelming?

ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU'RE currently facing:

ready for your business to change?

Module One: Mapping Your Client Journey

In this session, we'll go through the user journey of your clients from the moment they follow you on social, and you'll learn how to turn infrequent visitors into your best customers.

Course breakdown:

Module Two: 
Catch Those Clients

We'll go through results from different campaigns to see what works best for your business, so you'll feel empowered in making budgeting decisions. No more "seeing what sticks". 

Module Three: Price your Business RIGHT

Pricing your classes competitively but profitable is a tough balance. We'll look at the unit economics of intro pricing (first-time free vs. 1+1 class packs), in-person vs. virtual pricing, and competitors in your market to ensure your pricing strategy flows, and generates a healthy profit for your business.  

Module Four:
Is Your Brand Accurate?

Every wonder why when you think about DryBar or SoulCycle, you can instantly picture the signature gray and yellow tones? We'll go through your brand colors, fonts, logos, and more to ensure you're seen as an elevated, cohesive brand. And yes, creating an IG wall for your studio will be included (and encouraged)! 

Module Five:
Know Your Numbers  & Frequency Driving Strategies

In this session, we'll go through the numbers you need to know to stay ahead in your business. We'll go through the industry standard for email engagement, social numbers, and attendance and operational metrics. You'll also get a few checklists here for frequency driving campaigns, challenges, and anything you'd need to engage your "sometimes" clients and turn them into your most frequent customers. 

Bonus Modules:

1. Marketing Assessment

2. Zapier Tutorial

3. Building Your Marketing Funnel

4. Mission Statement Workshop


To gauge your current marketing

To automate tasks

To understand your revenue projections

To clearly communicate your mission, and build trust with future clients

so let's get started!

"So excited for what you’re offering - I feel like this is going to save me 2 years of blind guessing to try different things!







What you walk away with:

How does this sound?

a month by month breakdown of goals

access to DISCOUNTED 1:1 marketing support from me

confidence and clarity in your marketing strategy

a better way to build an engaged audience

let's do it

a community of peers in your same industry

“Before joining this group coaching experience, I felt completely lost on how to market my virtual studio! Within the first two weeks, Alexa provided a roadmap and strategy through the calls and homework to get things moving! It’s has been helpful to collaborate with the other group members and share ideas and experiences with each other too!”

"This course gave me the courage to finally quit my job, and start my biz"

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Five Weeks to Waitlisted is the only one of its kind because...

IT was created specifically for the health and fitness industry

Marketing as a whole seems pretty overwhelming - put that together with the very niche market of boutique fitness and wellness, and it's tough to know what will actually work. 

I take my decade of experience from SoulCycle + lululemon to help you understand why the boutique fitness industry is different, what works in our market, and support you in achieving your goals. 

weekly exercises that get you clear on what's next and how to grow 

access to a community of peers for support, questions, and advice

Follow a proven roadmap to scale authentically

This      for you if:

you're a wellpreneur

aren't clear on your business idea yet

YOu've just been certified and don't know where to start

the term homework still makes you cringe

you own a studio or wellness business

It's probably        for you if...

aren't ready to grow your business profits yet



Is there a recommended schedule?

Once you've purchased and you're granted access to the course via Teachable, you will have access to all of the modules. I go through exactly how you should pace them out in the first introduction video, though, so you have a clear roadmap at the best way to tackle the information! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I have access to you?

Yes! Once you've purchased, you'll get invited to a complimentary membership of The Friday Society Membership where you can ask me anything that you're struggling with, want to go deeper on, or really any marketing question you have! If you want to stay on with the membership, you're completely welcome to!

What if I don't need to learn each module?

The modules are all designed to fit together, so that you walk out of the 5 weeks with a fully fleshed out marketing strategy. If one week doesn't apply to you, I still recommend you complete it and do the homework, and listen to your peers go through the assignment for an opportunity to see how other business owners operate. If you just need help with one specific area, you can always book a call with me, by clicking below.


If you're still unsure, have a listen to The Friday Society podcast, where we interview industry experts and give tangible advice to wellness entrepreneurs like you. You'll get a sense for who I am, and what I like to cover. 

but first